Want to write for us?

If you feel you have something great to offer that would fit well on our website then we would love to hear from you!

What we are looking for

We are only looking for articles that fit in with the ethos of this website. Articles will not be accepted if they are purely self serving. We genuinely want people to grow their income and discover new ways of generating it- and you can help us do that!

If you have tips about how they can do that then please get in touch.

The kind of articles we want

  • Tips about how to make money
  • Step by step tutorial guides¬†
  • Insightful articles about motivation/processes/success/entrepreneurship
  • List type articles eg '10 entrepreneurs who made their riches online"

Articles we want in particular

We are looking for people who are experts in their field who are willing to share how they came to that success. Perhaps you make a ton of money on fiverr.com or a good income selling tshirts online? If you have found a niche that is working well for you, we would love to share that so others can be inspired to get started.

We are happy to give you a bio box with a link to your site at the bottom. Articles should not be about promoting an offer or software that users can then get at your website but we are happy to discuss any joint venture ideas. Your post should primarly be to inform our readers and ultimately increase your exposure.

Please get in contact with paul@moneytuts.com