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Tutorial - Simple technique for fast cash: Amazon to Ebay dropshipping

We show you a clever technique that leverages buying low and selling high and pocketing the difference

Here is a process which is so simple you'll kick yourself for not coming up with it yourself! 

Method at a glance

The idea here is to find reduced price items on Amazon and then list them on eBay.  We don't even need to pay for postage - we use Amazon to dropship the items to the customer! While this process is very simple it will require some research to choose the correct product. 

Update - This tutorial is now in video form, or scroll down for the step by step written version.

The research stage

You're going to need to have an account on eBay and Amazon. If you haven't already registered with either, go do this now - it's free!

Note - For our tutorial we use the UK Versions of eBay and Amazon. But this technique works across all regions.

1. Find a product

Head over to Amazon and select a category to narrow down your search. For this example we've selected Sports and Outdoors and then narrowed that down further to the subcategory Fitness.

Make sure Amazon is listing items by popularity (this should be the default). We need to find products that sell easily and have a hungry market of buyers ready to purchase them.

Hunting for a good product can take time, ideally we want something that is marked down at a large discount so we can sell it for it's regular price and maximise our cut.

Product tips

  • The product needs to be popular, we want to turn over items quickly on eBay 
  • Bigger discounts = more profit for you

2. Selecting our product

In this case we have struck gold! Here is a great Exercise bike that will work perfectly for our system:

Ultrasport F-Bike Exercise Bike

This exercise bike normally retails for £159.99 and has been marked down 44% to £89.99! If there is a market for the bike on eBay then there could be a small profit to be made here on the difference between the marked down price and the regular price.

3. Check eBay to see if the product has a market

Now we have a potentially great discounted product it is time to head over to eBay and see if it will make a sale.

Copy and paste the name of the product and search for it on eBay.

Sort the results by Price+P&P:highest first so we can see how much we could potentially make for the bike.

Make sure to also tick sold listings on the left hand side filter. We want to know that this product has actually sold.

All is looking good! And judging by the listings, It also seems that somebody may well be using this same system. While not listed for the £159.99 original price suggested on Amazon it is selling on eBay for £111.99 which is still a healthy profit margin.

£111.99 - £89.99 = £22.00 profit in our pocket*

*minus paypal and eBay listing fees

3. Take action and get it listed

We now know that we can make £22 profit per item for simply being the middleman. Even better than that another seller has already proven to us that this system works well and this particular product sells well.

Lets get it listed on eBay!

Save some time by clicking sell one like this on the similar product that is already listed on eBay. This will populate some of the fields for us.

Customize your eBay listing

Always add an image and descripton to your listing. Simply grab these from the Amazon page for the product.

eBay settings

Always use Buy it now. We don't want this to be an auction. Set the duration to the maximum 30 days.

Make sure to list the item as new.

Keep shipping to your own country (in our case UK) We don't want to get charged by Amazon for posting overseas! Don't charge the buyer for postage and packaging but list it as economy delivery (estimate 5-7 days delivery). In this way we can take advantage of Amazon's Free super saver delivery.

4. Shipping

When you get a sale you will need to head back to Amazon to purchase the product. Make sure to enter the eBay buyers address. You should also mark the item as a gift so Amazon don't send the invoice to the buyer.

5. That's it! Sit back, wait for a buyer and collect the profits.

It really is that simple. You can of course change some of the variables here for vastly improved outcomes or scale this up and list tons of products. Just make sure you can keep track of them all.

Extra tips

  • You need to keep an eye on the Amazon price to check that the discount does not change and harm your potential profit
  • Make sure the product will sell on eBay or you will simply be paying listing fees!
  • Don't worry about your products arriving with an Amazon box. Most buyers make no fuss when getting the product with Amazon packaging. They simply want the working product!
  • If you have Amazon prime account you might be thinking about using your free postage option to dropship. Unfortunately this is against Amazon Prime TOS so don't risk it and only offer economy delivery (or give the eBay buyer the option to pay for full price Amazon delivery.)
  • Scale this method up, find large discounts and bring home the money.

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