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How to start your own blog in under 5 minutes

Find out how successful internet entrepreneurs make money from blogging. We take you through each step from setting up your site to getting traffic and monetising your blog.

Wouldn't you like to create your own successful blog that brings you passive income month after month?

Blogging is a fantastic way of making money.

The best bloggers are passionate about their blog's chosen subject and they build up an audience through publishing great content.

Imagine writing and sharing your knowledge about a subject you love with your army of loyal blog readers - and getting paid to do it!

At the end of this step by step guide you will have a fully functioning blog online.

If this is your first live blog then that is pretty damn exciting right?

Every blogger remembers how great it felt to have that first website built and ready to go live. Soon you'll be among them.

Let's get started!

The reason you need to host your own blog:

Think about this analogy:

Building a real estate portfolio is a lot like making money online.

Websites are like rental properties. Each one can work for you bringing in income in the form of rent/advertising and each can eventually be sold or flipped when you want to cash out.

Having your own website is often an integral part of making money online. Sure you can also use free services like facebook pages or tumblr, but there is a reason why this is not always the best action to take. To return to the real estate analogy:

With these type of online properties you are just renting an apartment in somebody else's building.

Having your own website gives you full control over how your site will look and how it will function. It also means that you get a professional looking domain name not just a subdomain or page within a larger website. Most importantly though for our purposes, having our own website means that we can monetize it any way we like without restriction.

Domains and hosting

So here's the rub. To make money from your own website there are some costs associated. However thankfully the difference between the online world and real estate is that our startup costs are extremely low. For a few bucks a month we can host a well functioning website. That's a much smaller barrier to entry!

What I use - Bluehost hosting

I've personally been with Bluehost for 6 years. There are a myriad of hosting companies out there but Bluehost works extremely well for people starting out making money online.

The Bluehost shared hosting package is simply one of the most reasonably priced out there ( it starts at only $3.95 a month). I have rarely had any site downtime and any issues have been cleared up quickly with their technical support.

The other great thing is that you can host an unlimited amount of websites on one hosting package. No fees for web traffic, no fees for extra websites (other than the domain name) and all this for just a few bucks a month. For me its a no brainer to use Bluehost.

Get started with Bluehost here

Whatever hosting package you choose is up to you but for the purposes of this tutorial I'll stick with what I like best, so I'll show you how to setup a Bluehost website (and do that in under 5 minutes).

getting started with bluehost

The 5 step system to getting your successful blog online

  1. Choose a hosting plan that works for you
  2. Choose a domain name
  3. Finalize your hosting setup
  4. Install Wordpress CMS
  5. Choose a great theme

Step 1 - Choose a plan that works for you

Head over to Bluehost and choose a plan.

The starter plan is cheapest but if you think you might ever want more than one blog or website, for a couple dollars extra I recommend the plus account.

The difference between these 2 packages is pretty big. 1 site vs unlimited sites. For me the option to create unlimited sites on one account is to good not to go with. No wonder the plus account is the most popular.

Choose a plan

Step 2 - Choose a domain name

When starting out with Bluehost you get a free domain name, so take a bit of time to think about the name and URL of your new blog or website.

Many of the more obvious domain names were already registered a long long time ago. But don't fret. You just need to be a bit creative with your domain name search. Realize that more obvious ideas will not be available unless you get lucky.

Don't worry too much about the finding the perfect domain name.

I've often used this as an excuse to not get started on a project. Better to have a site with an average domain name than having no site at all.

A domain that explains what your website is about or that is easily brandable will work well.

Choose a domain name

Step 3 - Finalize your hosting setup

Bluehost do try and up-sell you some extra features before you confirm purchase. You can mostly un-tick these extras. But you might want to consider domain privacy if you don't want your details to be publicly available and linked to your domain.

Choosing a longer account plan gets you a cheaper monthly cost.

choose bluehost package

Step 4 - Install a Wordpress blog

Great you're almost done.

Now to install the blogging software that we are going to use. You have a few options here, but Wordpress is simply the most popular (and free!) blogging content management system available.

Login to Bluehost

Login to your new Bluehost account and navigate to the cPanel (it should send you here automatically)

The cPanel is like mission control. Here you have tons of links to configure your website.

Select Wordpress

The Wordpress icon is found in the Website Builders area toward the bottom of the page

choosing wordpress from the bluehost cpanel

Hit that big green install button and skip any up-sell offers.

install wordpress with mojo

Choose your domain

If you had more than one domain you would need to choose which domain you wanted to install Wordpress. As we have just registered ours we simply select our new domain name.

Press check domain and wait for it to do its thing.

install domain

Install Wordpress

Check the box to say you have read terms and conditions and click the install now button and Wordpress automatically gets installed for you. Believe me - if you ever have to install it manually you will realise what a great feature this is!

wordpress install now

You will see a progress bar as your new blog gets installed. Close the popup window to close the wordpress theme offer.

installing wordpress

Successfully Installed

Press view details if you are not automatically taken to the notification center when the install is completed. 

Press view to see the login information for your new blog.

installed notification

You can now see your login credentials.

Make a note of the password (you can always change this later) and click the following link to visit the login page for your new Wordpress blog!

installation credentials

You are presented with the Wordpress login screen! Sign in with your new username and password to the Wordpress dashboard. And you are done! 

wordpress login screen

Your new blog is live and ready for you to start adding great content

That was easy, wasn't it!

In a matter of minutes you've brought a new blog into the world. Next you'll want to choose a good template and get started writing your first blog post.

Look out for the next part of the passive income blogging series - theming your blog, coming soon!


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