Fail Online 101

How to not make money online

A proven step by step method to making absolutely no money at all.

1. Start multiple projects and don’t see any of them through

A 90% complete project is still an incomplete project.

Like a magpie being attracted to every shiny object it sees, it's very easy to be lured away from a half finished project before you’ve seen it through. Especially by something bigger and better.

And hey you’ve probably lost faith in the original project anyhow! That initial buzz you had about the project is long gone and now it just feels like a time consuming chore. You can’t even remember why you thought it would be a good idea in the first place.

Best move onto something new, this one will work better!

…or maybe the next one?

 2. Paid surveys

Nobody ever got rich from paid surveys.

Or at least nobody filling them in did. The creators/advertisers and marketers do.

Yes you can make a few bucks. And yes for some people they can work well. But seriously for the hours put in you could be investing your time in much better ways.

Paid surveys are bottom of the online income ladder. Avoid them like the plague.

3. Blindly follow get rich quick gurus

When somebody wants to sell you a scheme to help you get rich - you have to ask yourself, are you just part of their scheme to get rich?

A fool and his money are soon parted.

Of course there are some great teachers out there who genuinely give huge value, mentoring students who then go on to create wealth for themselves.


There are also a hell of a lot of scam artists and snake oil salesmen flaunting bogus reports, special offers and membership sites that milk their followers for every dime they have.

Finished that ebook? Still not rich? Well just pay another $97 to get the really juicy stuff. You can’t afford not to...

Don’t be a serial sucker, level up your knowledge but don’t blindly keep paying the wrong people to do so……there is a ton of free info out there, so if you do want to pay a mentor do your research first. 

4. Expect to find an exact blueprint for riches

If you’re still hunting for that one golden goose then you might be in for a shock. There is no perfect system to making money online. What has worked well for others might not work for you.

Once something is saturated, getting into a market can be very tough. By the time others show you their foolproof blueprint to riches, they’ve probably already milked the method dry. Its become saturated and its likely much too late for you to join the party.

The solution is to get creative and add a unique twist or extra value to something.

Waiting to be spoon fed a blueprint to riches just gives the golden a goose a chance to fly away!

5. Don’t engage in social media.

The year is 2015. Social media is big now didn’t ya know?

But engaging with your consumers is not a new concept.

Whether its a service, product, blog or website.  You need to be shouting about what you are offering as loadly as possible. Once your message is out there on social media, people will continue talking about it for you. That’s free advertising right there.

If you are not connecting with people and leading the conversation around your brand then that's a huge missed opportunity for creating conversions and profits.

You should set out to create a tribe of hungry fans around your brand. Whether its Facebook, Twitter or whatever the next big thing is - social media is much to big to ignore.

6. Don’t research an idea first and blindly take action

Now i’m all for people taking action. Get a project started, its often the best way to test if something works or not. An idea that's just sat on the shelf never got anybody rich.

But don’t jump in blindly. Do your research first.

Is there any competition? Great, well that means there is a market for your idea. If there isn’t any - check if there actually a market for it.

Some ideas will never work, some seem like they won't but do. It can be tough to know what works especially if your idea is groundbreaking and untested.

Consider the time investment that is required to get your project running vs the potential for a return (based on your market research)

The key here is balancing the taking action part with sensible research. Don’t rush into something without thinking it through, but on the flip-side don’t convince yourself out of starting a promising project.

7. Don’t provide any value

If you can find a way to help a million people, you’ll be a millionaire. Or something like that.

Just focusing on the money and not actually providing anything of value is setting yourself up to fail.

Find a way to create real value. Make something that changes people’s lives for the better. Not only will this bring home the bacon but morally it feels way better to produce something that others actually enjoy or find useful.

Who wants to create crappy products and websites anyway? You might make a buck or two but it will suck the life out of you in the end.

8. Don’t drive traffic

Sadly just because you’ve built it, doesn’t mean that people will come. Simply building something without focusing on driving traffic to it is like a tree falling the woods with nobody hearing it.

Sad to say but there are many awesome websites out there that nobody ever visits.

In some cases websites go viral and the traffic takes care of itself. But this is rare and generally you need to spread the word and drive people in your direction.

Bottom line. The more targeted traffic you can generate, the more conversions you will make.

So many people invest a ton of energy in creating an awesome website or product and expect it to be flooded with traffic the day it goes live. Building it is only half the battle. Driving traffic is also an ongoing process which should last the lifetime of your project.

9. Stick with with something that isn’t working

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results"

If something isnt working then you need to know when to cut your losses. Don't invest more energy into it if it's already failing.

But i have to much invested to stop now!

If you spend any longer on it, it's only going to get worse and cost your more in the long run.

Perhaps you've only ever been able to make pennies with affiliate marketing. Well then perhaps it's not for you? Have you tried building a product instead and letting others market it for you. Or perhaps consider making money blogging?

Do anything! Except the thing that isn't working!

If you've given something a good run and are not getting the results you should be, move on and diversify - don't stagnate.

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