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Free Killer Product Packaging Photoshop PSD

This killer looking free template will help drive conversions for your digital products.

Note - Not creatively minded? or no time to design the artwork yourself? If you want a creative professional to design you custom cover artwork, then head down to the bottom to find out how.

A word on Digital Products

Digital products are a fantastic way of making money without any distribution costs.

However, people want to see a tangible object before buying. Even if it is just a representation of what they are getting.

From album artwork to ebooks, a visual mockup of the product really does help drive conversions.

Free KILLER product packaging Photoshop PSD File

Check out this premium and more importantly, easy to use template that will give your digital products the premium look and feel they deserve.

No dated reflections here - its 2015 not 2000!

Download the file here

How to use this file

First download the file and open it up with Adobe Photoshop.

Don't have Adobe Photoshop? Well don't worry you can grab a free 30 day trial from the Adobe website or sign up to a monthly subscription.

step 1

Step 1

Double click either the Cover Art or Side Art icons in the layer panel to edit that part of the box packaging.

step 2

Step 2

In this example we've opened up the cover art. Notice how it opens in a new tab. The artwork is face on so you can easily edit it or add your own artwork.

step 3

Step 3

Done editing the cover? Either press CTRL + S or CMD + S (on mac) or save via the file menu. Then open up your original tab to see your awesome new artwork in place on the box.

step 4

Want creative help?

Perhaps you aren't creatively minded, don't have your own copy of Photoshop or simply don't have the time to create your own box cover art.

I can help!

Simply get in touch with me via People Per Hour (below) and i'll do the creative bit for you! Leaving you more time to create or market your product.



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