Tshirt crowdfunding

Creative ways to profit with tshirt Crowdfunding

Those annoying tshirt adverts on facebook are making people money

Tshirt crowdfunding

You’ve probably heard of Teespring or more likely you've been targeted by a tshirt campaign on Facebook that was highly targeted to you or one of your interests.

Tshirt crowdfunding is all the rage right now.

Teespring and similar websites like Fabrily and Amplifier allow you to create your own designs with zero cost. If enough people want to buy your creation then it goes into production, it's then shipped to the buyers and you get to keep any profits.

Crowdfunding is a great way to test out a product with no cost. Providing you have a group of targeted people to market to.

Creating a good design is only half the battle. Successful campaigns need to be well targeted at a particular interest or demographic. Facebook advertising is a popular way of doing this, simply because you can laser target a specific niche.

To get you thinking, here are some clever ways people have targeted audiences with successful tshirt campaigns. Many of these have been done to death so think outside the box when it comes to your own designs!

By year of birth

I was born in 1984, so why wouldn’t I want a tshirt proudly proclaiming that fact? Because people born in 1984 are special. You probably wouldn’t understand. It’s a 1984 thing.

teespring target by birth year

By Occupation

Proudly proclaim your job across your chest! This one makes for great gifts, because what else do you get the massage therapist who has everything?

This works for just about any job you can think of. I’m sure you can come up with some creative examples. Bonus points for humour.

teespring job & career examples


Pet owners

Have you ever noticed how some people are obsessed with their pets, i mean really obsessed? Pet crazy people go nuts over their little pooches. It would be rude not to target their obsession with a nice hoodie about their chosen dog breed. 

teespring pets example

Relationship status

If you've set your relationship status on Facebook then there is a high chance you might have seen one of these ones doing the rounds. People in relationships get all the fun, I wonder if there are any targeted at singles?

relationship tshirt examples

By Name

There are 5,163 different first names in use in the USA alone, that's a lot of potential ways you can target people.

"Hey have you tried the Patrick niche?"

"No, i find targetting the Michelle niche is much more profitable"

teespring name example

By Hobby or interest

Creating tees about different hobbies or interests gives you almost unlimited range of potential designs. The best way to target a niche like this is if you already participate in a group who share the interest. People love to share their interests on facebook and other social channels so targeting a particular niche is easy work.

teespring hobby examples

Extra Credit- Uncover other successful teespring campaigns

Want to check out the competition and see what has worked for other people? A great resource I use is Teeview.

Teeview is a great little site that collates teespring campaigns. You can search for other design and niche ideas or order by sales.

It's worth hunting for a niche that has a market but is still relatively untapped. The elusive tshirt campaign sweet spot!



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