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14 GREAT bloggers that will boost your income in 2015

Want to boost your income in 2015? We thought so! Here are 14 great bloggers to have on your radar this year.

1. Pauline Cabrera


Pauline Cabrera @twelveskip describes herself as:

A twenty-something internet savvy + night owl based in Ontario. Passionate about web design, HTML/CSS, beautifying things and internet marketing.

Pauline's blog Twelveskip is a fantastic resource with a massive and dedicated fan and social media following. She has a whopping 50,000 combined Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest followers.

Why follow her?

Learn how to grow a huge social media following like she did, plus internet marketing strategies, freebies, blogging and social media strategies all collated together in visually pleasing blog.

2. Jon Morrow

boost blog traffic

I was introduced to Jon Morrow's website Boost Blog Traffic by a friend who proclaimed that ‘Jon is a freaking genius'

He wasn't wrong.

I immediately loved Jon's writing style. He is full of tips that you can put to use right away and he has a wicked sense of humour.

Hearing his own story about how he overcame personal limitations to achieve his success is simply awe inspiring.

Why follow him?

There is simply more great content on this website about traffic generation and how to write blogs than you can shake a stick at. 

3. Pat Flynn

Smart Passive Income Patt Flynn

Pat Flynn is like some passive income God. This guy seems to be everywhere!

One of the most successful online entrepreneurs going. Pat has a great looking blog with tons of great content. His hugely popular podcast and Ask Pat series are also just as successful in their own right.

Why follow him?

For full disclosure. Pat shares with his readers the income he makes each month and how he does it. 

Just wait till you see the numbers.

If Pat's story and success don’t make you want to take action and succeed then nothing will.

4. Michael Dunlop

Income Diary by Michael Dunlop

I've followed Michael Dunlop's popular blog Income Diary for a number of years now. Michael made a name for himself at a young age and has made a big impact on the world of internet marketing. Income Diary has a diverse range of information that will help you generate income or learn about entrepreneurship.

Why follow him?

Income Diary has loads of great posts, look out for the popular list posts like top earning blogs where Micheal reveals how much money top bloggers make.

5. Chris Guthrie

Entrepreneur Boost by Chris Guthrie

Entrepreneur Boost is the blog of Chris Guthrie.

An avid gamer, Chris started his online career with an online forum for discussing the Xbox game Halo. Amongst other things Chris makes money as an Amazon associate. Big money.

Why follow him?

Like other internet marketing entrepreneurs Chris shares with us his exact methods and his earning breakdowns. If you are serious about making money as an Amazon affiliate then Chris Guthrie is the best man to learn from.

6. Stuart Walker

Niche hacks

Stuart Walker's blog Niche Hacks bills itself as the home of hot niche ideas.

Choosing a niche can be a hard process when starting a new project. Stuart exposes untapped markets and shows you how to dominate them. His advice is perfect for newbies and seasoned marketers alike.

Why follow him?

He does the research so you don't have to. Tons of useful information about various niches that you can put to use right away. He also posts great guides about other topics like Amazon products, SEO and traffic domination.

7. Tim Ferriss

Tim ferriss Blog

You must know who Tim Ferriss is right?

His original top selling, the 4-hour workweek is a hugely popular book where Tim teaches you how to maximize your time and escape a workaholic lifestyle.

Why follow him?

If you've read Tim's books then you will know he has a wealth of useful information about escaping the grueling 9-5 and designing the lifestyle you desire. His blog is a natural extension of his philosophy full of tips to help you maximize your work/life balance.

8. Regina Anaejionu

By regina

I first came across Regina's blog on Pinterest, a channel she has used extremely well to spread the news about her blog.

She describes herself as: a blogger who creates content for creative business owners, other bloggers, freelancers, and generally awesome people.

Her site By Regina is packed full of useful posts about growing blogging, traffic, social media and freelancing.

Why follow her?

Her posts about growing a blog are a goldmine of good information. Check out the extremely useful: Before and after you post checklist for bloggers.

9. Chris Ducker

Chris Ducker's blog

Chris Ducker describes his blog as, a melting pot of information to get you kitted-out with all the tools, tips and tactics you need to be able to start, run and grow a business in the 21st century.

Chris runs a business called virtual staff finder which helps entrepreneurs find a perfect match virtual assistant so they can outsource tasks and maximize their own productivity. 

Why follow him?

Chris's blog has tons of great information and tips about outsourcing to VA's and growing your business.

10. Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward's blog

Matthew Woodward's self titled blog is an award winning SEO and internet marketing blog.

A fellow Brit with some great search engine optimization and link building tutorials. With his vast knowledge of internet marketing he really goes the extra mile to show his readers exactly how to achieve something. 

Why follow him?

Matthew puts a wealth of high quality, detailed content out there for free and he clearly has a real passion for SEO.

11. Marc Andre

Profit Blitz - Marc Andre

Profit Blitz is the blog of Marc Andre, and while it was only started in 2014 it's fast become a great site packed full of information about growing both traffic and profits. 

Profit Blitz is a place for Marc to share with his readers things he has learned when building up his own websites and blogs.

Why follow him?

Look out for Marc's informative guides and interviews with A list bloggers. His growing site will be one to watch this year.

12. Michelle Schroeder

michelle schroeder

Michelle Schroeder started her blog, Making Sense of Cents, simply to keep track of her progress as she tried to improve her own finances.

She documents how she paid of her $40,000 student loan with freelancing, she now pursues full time self-employment and has built an impressive community around her site

Why follow her?

Making Sense of Cents is packed full of practical tips about budgeting, income, college and debt reduction. Michelle isn't afraid to tackle a diverse range of financial topics. It's not just about making money, knowing how to save it and put it to good use is extremely important too.

13. Servando Silva

Stream Seo

Servando Silva writes on a relatively humble looking blog called Stream SEO. Neither an expert or guru (self proclaimed!) he blogs about his own methods and experiments with SEO and monetising websites.

Why follow him?

You should follow him on his online adventures because he does the leg work for you. From case studies about making $1200 on teespring to what happened when he built 40k backlinks to a new domain.

14. Aurelius Tjin

Unstoppable profits

Aurelius Tjin hails from Sydney, Australia and has been making an income online since 2005.

His blog called Unstoppable Profits is where he posts topics about mindset, entrepreneurship and online marketing 

Why follow him?

Aurelius has a clean looking blog and he also shares tons of nicely designed freebies. Content wise - expect growth reports, case studies and how to’s. He is quick to answer questions and is building up a great community around his site.

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